Solar Generators: Everything You Need to Know

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Solar Generators: Everything You Need to Know
A solar generator uses solar panels to capture the sun’s energy and stores it for later use. These types of generators are ideal for RVs, boats, and emergency backup for your home in case the power goes out. The solar panels used on a solar generator are much smaller and more portable than typical home solar panels. The batteries are also much smaller, more portable, and have an outlet that allows you to plug an electrical device in to it.

There are many pros to solar generators:

  • Low maintenance – There are no moving parts to repair and there is no fuel needed to make the generator work. This significantly lowers the likelihood of needing to make repairs on your generator.
  • Free energy – The energy from the sun is free!
  • Environmentally clean – Solar generators do not produce air pollution or carbon dioxide like other fossil fuel systems.
  • Quiet – Solar generators are completely quiet because there are no moving parts to make noise.

There are some potential drawbacks to solar generators:

  • Sun dependant – Solar generators have to have sunlight to produce energy.
  • Cost – There is an upfront cost to purchasing a solar generator. This cost is likely to be more than other kinds of generators, but we feel that the benefits outweigh the added cost.

Here at Buckingham Electric Inc., we know that the pros of a solar generator far outweigh the potential drawbacks. Our experienced employees are well versed in solar generators. Please give us a call or stop by our shop today to discuss your options for your next generator.