The 5 Steps to Your Solar Panel Installation

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If you are interested in purchasing solar panels for your home, then you are probably wondering what the process looks like for solar panel installation.

The 5 Steps to Your Solar Panel Installation

Below are the five main steps to solar panel installation.

  1. Engineer visit – The first step after you have signed your solar panel contract is a visit by an engineer to ensure that your home is compatible with your future solar panels. The engineer will look at your roof and your electrical panel.
  2. Paperwork – The next step is getting all the right documents and permits completed for your new solar panels. This is where you will be applying for any state or federal solar incentives.
  3. Ordering – Your solar panels will now be ordered because all of the paperwork is completed. You will already have decided on which panels you want prior to signing the contract.
  4. Solar panel installation day – Today is the day of your solar panel installation. Our installers will prep the roof, install the appropriate electrical wiring, install racking to your roof, attach your solar panels to the racking, and attach the inverter to the panels. This step usually takes one to three days.
  5. Flipping the switch – Before we can turn on your solar panels a local government inspector as well as someone from the electric company will check our work to make sure that everything was done correctly. Your solar panels will connect to the grid after these inspectors give the green light.

This process can take some time, but here at Buckingham Electric Inc., we know the wait is well worth it. Give us a call today to discuss any questions you may have, or to schedule your solar panel installation.