What to Know About Surge Protection

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An electrical surge can occur due to a variety of situations. For instance, a lightning strike, electrical faults, or appliances that cycle on and off could be to blame. But no matter what causes a surge, you shouldn’t have to worry about it if you’ve taken the proper surge protection measures.

What to Know About Surge Protection

Surge protection products are designed to divert excess voltage away from appliances and devices when a power surge occurs. Therefore, they are an essential part of electrical safety, as surge protectors keep you, your family, your appliances, and your home safe from dangerous voltage levels.

The world of surge protection is larger than you may realize, so you might not know where to begin when you decide to incorporate it into your space. Here at Buckingham Electric Inc., we are electricians with extensive knowledge of surge protection practices, and we’d like to share a few basic things you should know about surge protection:

  • Response times vary. Some surge protectors respond to high voltage faster than others. The faster they are, the better they are at protecting you and your devices.
  • There are many types of surge protection. Surge protection can be as simple as using power strips with surge protection. For even better protection, you could consider whole-house surge protection, which is installed at the main panel and more effective against larger surges.
  • They should be certified. For your safety, you should choose surge protection products that have been tested well and certified by reputable organizations in the electrical industry.