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We aren’t your typical solar company – we have far more electrical experience!

It is easy to fall into the misguided notion that you can add solar energy to your Asheville, North Carolina home or business with little fuss or experience. The countless online videos make it seem like a piece of cake. The reality is that you should never attempt to work with solar power any more than you would any electrical component. Calling a solar company to handle the installation or to service your solar array is critical for the safety of you, your family, and the linemen working for the power company.

Solar Company in Asheville, North Carolina

Here at Buckingham Electric Inc., we provide exceptional service just as we do for all the electrical work we do. We do not use subcontractors like you might find with a typical solar company and we have a more developed electrical background than most of them. That means we are in a better position to provide you with the right solar generator and solar panels for your objective, whether that is to lower your power bills by a little or a lot.

Our solar company uses only bonded and insured field technicians that won’t just do the work and then leave you to figure out how to use the system. They’ll stay long enough to clean up after their work and teach you everything you need to know about the safe operation of your solar power system. They’ll answer any questions you have and leave you information so you can call us when you need maintenance or have a repair issue.

Don’t trust just any solar company with something as important as the power for your home. Call us and we’ll make certain your home is powered safely and efficiently.

At Buckingham Electric Inc., our solar company proudly serves Asheville, Hendersonville, Arden, Marshall, Candler, Barnardsville, Fletcher, Marshville, Fairview, Lake Lure, Clyde, and Waynesville, North Carolina.