3 Signs That You Need Electrical Repair [infographic]

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Unless you are extremely lucky, chances are that you’ve had to deal with a power outage at some point, and you remember how uncomfortable and frustrating it was. No TV or Internet, no air conditioning, not even any light to read by after the sun went down. While big power outages are caused by things outside your control, you can also experience similar effects if you fail to take proper care of your electrical system. We at Buckingham Electric Inc. want to help you avoid such a situation, so in this article, we’ll go over three signs to look for to know when you need electrical repair. Knowing ahead of time will help you catch problems early, before they can do significant damage.

3 Signs That You Need Electrical Repair

1.  Repeated Blown Fuses- While one blown fuse isn’t cause for alarm, if you find them blowing over and over again then you probably have an underlying problem that needs to be fixed. If your home or business keeps blowing fuses, we recommend that you call our team at Buckingham Electric Inc. to find out whether you need electrical repair.

2.  Lighting Issues- Similarly, a single flickering light could indicate a problem with that particular fixture, but if multiple lights are having issues then you likely need electrical repair. If multiple lights are too dim or don’t stay lit properly, then you could have a problem with the underlying circuit or connection.

3.  Strange Noises- When your electrical system is working properly, any noise that it makes should be too faint to hear. If you start to hear buzzing or other noises coming from your devices, you could have a loose wire or an excessively hot cover plate. We recommend calling our team at Buckingham Electric Inc., as soon as possible to determine the source of the problem and make the necessary electrical repair.