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We handle all general commercial electrical services and so much more!

When your Asheville, North Carolina business is having an electrical issue, time is of the essence to minimize downtime and income loss. Here at Buckingham Electric Inc., we are equipped to handle the complex electrical systems of commercial buildings, and we provide a wide variety of commercial electrical services. You can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time, whether you need installation, planning, or repair services.

Commercial Electrical Services in Asheville, North Carolina

When it comes to new construction, expansions, upgrades or repair needs, our nearly 20 years of experience providing commercial electrical services mean you’ll get the best possible results. Our exceptional, experienced team is ready to assist you with:

  • Rewiring– Keeping your building up to code and safe can often require replacing old wiring with new wiring. Whether you need it done for a pre-sale inspection or for your own peace of mind that you are in compliance and providing a safe environment, we have you covered.
  • Upgrades– If you have added more machinery or electronics, or have added on to your building, the current power distribution panel may be inadequate for your needs. We can take care of adding capacity, as well as making any repairs your electrical system might need.
  • Lighting– There has been much attention given to the health and productivity benefits that can be achieved with the right lighting system. Let us help you with that while also lowering energy consumption that will improve the profitability of your company.
  • Surge Protection– Even small surges can affect sensitive electronics and machinery, but putting surge protection at the meter counters those occasional power fluctuations.
  • Standby Generators- Don’t be left in the dark during a power outage. For the safety of the occupants of your building, at least put your lighting on a backup generator. Consider adding anything else that is critical to your business operations, as well.
  • Renovations- We provide a variety of commercial electrical services for change of use and commercial renovations.

Your local source for power!

This is by no means a complete list of our commercial electrical services. We handle all general electric work, data & telephone wiring, and so much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any project you have in mind or problem with your electrical system.



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