Solar Energy Offers Incredible Ongoing Benefits for Homes and Businesses

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Chances are, you are no stranger to the concept of solar energy and its power as a renewable, cost-effective resource.

Solar power is completely clean, and it reduces our population’s reliance on natural gas, oil, and coal for producing electricity, which is especially valuable in an era where many plants and animals are at risk for extinction due to the effects of greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuels.

we can monitor your solar energy system

On top of its existence as a renewable source of energy, solar power gives home and business owners freedom and control over their electricity usage. Since solar power harnesses the energy from the sun (a free resource), this freedom and flexibility is available at no cost, allowing homeowners to significantly save on their utility bills every month.

While many homeowners refrain from investing in solar energy due to concerns about the investment, solar technology’s cost has dropped dramatically in recent years and panels are more efficient than ever before. The time to start using solar power is now, and at Buckingham Electric Inc., we can help you make the transition at your home or business seamless with our expert advice and quality installation practices.

Not only can we install rooftop solar panels, but we also offer ground mounts, which allow us to put solar panels at ground level and connect them to the house’s electricity supply system. Even if you have trees covering your house/roof, solar is still an option for you!

Following install, we can monitor your solar energy system. If something ever stops working or you experience an error, we are notified immediately to rectify the problem, so you never experience an extended outage.

Solar energy is the way of the future, and at Buckingham Electric Inc., we are proud to be a part of it! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.