Electrical Upgrades That Can Transform Your Home [infographic]

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Looking to change up the lighting in your home? Investing in electrical upgrades for your home can completely change your house and make your home more efficient and convenient. Here are the top electrical upgrades that can transform your home.

  • USB Outlets – Most electronics these days are equipped with a USB cord as part of its charging system. Because of this, it’s becoming more and more common to have USB outlets installed within the home. Switching or adding USB outlets within your home is an excellent electrical upgrade and is very convenient to be placed at your bedside, in the kitchen, or in the living room.
  • Bedside Light Switches – It’s a common situation – sitting in bed with your spouse, and you are both trying to convince each other to get up and turn off the light at bedtime. By installing bedside light switches, it provides convenience to your nightly routine.
  • Smart Lighting – Smart lighting has come a long way over the years — you can turn off your light with a tap on an app, your voice, or with a remote control. By investing in this wireless electrical upgrade you won’t have to buy new cables, just simply have an electrician install a new mechanism.
  • Motion Detecting Lights – Have you ever found yourself tripping, or fumbling through the hall in the middle of the night trying to find the bathroom? Motion detecting lights will sensor movement and trigger the light to turn on, giving you guidance at night.

Electrical Upgrades That Can Transform Your Home

We hope these electrical upgrades have given you inspiration to transform your home. If you have any questions regarding electrical upgrades, and the services we provide, please contact us at Buckingham Electric Inc.