What to Consider When Choosing Home Lighting

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Home lighting can make a massive difference in your life. After all, the right lighting can help regulate your circadian rhythm and have a positive effect on your mood, while the wrong lighting can hurt your eyes, cause headaches, and result in negative emotions. Lighting also affects your home aesthetically. However, we’re electricians, so rather than discuss the pros and cons of wall sconces or recessed lighting, we’re going to turn our attention some of the more practical factors you should consider when you’re choosing home lighting.

What to Consider When Choosing Home Lighting

• Consider the space. The type of lighting you need should be determined by how you will use a specific space. For instance, task-oriented areas like kitchens can benefit greatly from bright lighting but living areas and bedrooms should have lighting that is warm-toned and less bright so you can relax or sleep more easily.

• Consider energy efficiency. The type of bulbs you choose affects how much energy you are using and how much you’ll be paying for home lighting. LED and CFL bulbs are much more energy-efficient than standard incandescent bulbs, so either one can be a good choice. However, LEDs are generally the most energy-efficient option available to you.

• Consider longevity. Changing a light bulb may be a simple task, but that doesn’t mean you want to replace them every couple of years, especially when you consider how many of them there are in your home. If you want the best value for your money (and to avoid a repetitive, boring task) choose lights with a longer lifespan.